10 Best Reclining Office Chairs With Footrests

reclining office chair footrest


A Guide To Buying The Best Reclining Office Chairs

In the world of office furniture, there are endless choices for the customer in terms of brand, design, and functionality. New trends and brands emerge every day designed to improve the look and feel of the office. High up on the office furniture popularity list is the reclining office chair.

In case you are wondering what a reclining office chair is, it is an adjustable office chair that allows you to lie back comfortably without leaving your desk. This way, you get to stretch out while continuing with your work if you want to. Previously considered a luxury by many, an office recliner chair is now a necessity especially if you spend a lot of time at their desks.

It is estimated that an average America office worker spends about ten hours sitting down. This lack of movement has various adverse effects on the body. The posture forces you to push your head and neck forward, which strains your shoulders, neck, and back. By occasionally reclining back, you relieve the pressure on your spine and allow it to rest.

With the working day steadily getting longer, it is imperative that you allow your back and neck a couple of minutes to rest every few hours. An office recliner allows you to do this. Using the stretched out position of your recliner office chair drops the pressure on your spinal discs by up to 20%. This and other benefits have made an ergonomic office chair a necessity.

Reclining office chairs come in two basic designs – with or without a footrest. The footrest allows you to recline all the way, with your feet comfortably supported. If you want the full effect of the brief rest, you should consider getting a reclining office chair with the ottoman. Whichever of the two options you choose to go with – with or without the ottoman – one thing that you should be assured of is that a recliner desk chair will leave you refreshed and ready to continue with the demands of your day.

This means that buying office furniture is no longer a matter of mere function and manufacturer are producing a range of options in both function and style for buyers to choose from. This is a good thing as it gives customers a range of options. However, with so many choices at your disposal, how do you know which reclining desk chair to buy?

We have taken it upon ourselves to compile and review ten of the most comfortable reclining office chairs in the market so you can have an easier time deciding which one best suits you. We have looked at some of the most popular and most reliable brands, analyzed their features and picked the ten reclining office chairs that we believe offer the best in terms function, comfort, and style.

Some of these ergonomic office chairs come with footrests whiles others do not. Some recline all the way, while others only give you a working recline position.

The below tables give a side-by-side look at the specifications of these chairs, followed by detailed reviews. Our reviews will guide you in deciding which office recliner suits you best.


The one thing we can all agree on is that recliner chairs are good for everyone who spends a lot of time at their desk. Your body, most especially your back, needs to be supported and to take a little break every now and then. With a good reclining chair, you are able to do that without moving from your desk.

The best reclining office chairs all share a set of features that make them tick and they all have features that set them apart from each other and make them suitable for different users.

Before you buy a recliner, make sure it has all the features you need to make your day more comfortable and your working posture healthier. Below we look at these features.


A good recliner should come with height adjustment mechanism to allow you to change the height of the chair to suit your preference. Some will even allow you to adjust the height of the armrests. Set at the wrong height, your office chair gets really uncomfortable so make sure that the reclining chair you buy has height adjustment controls so you can set your preferred chair height.


Reclining chairs come with a footrest to support your feet and allow you to enjoy a full recline. Depending on the design, the footrest might be an ottoman or it might be in a foldaway design. The design of footrest you choose is entire up to your personal preference but make sure that your office recliner has one if you think you will need it.

Lumbar Support

Whatever style of reclining chair you chose, for whatever purpose, the one thing you cannot compromise on is back support. With average office workers spending ten hours in their seats, the chairs they use must have excellent support for the back to avoid health complications. Some reclining office chairs will come with inbuilt lumbar support hence they will be designed to complement the curve in your lower back or while others come with a pillow cushion attached.


Office chairs are designed to carry up to specific weight so be sure the one you buy can support the intended user’s weight. Fortunately, any good office chair recliner will have a weight cap way above the weight of most ordinary human beings but just check to be sure.


For additional comfort, reclining chairs come with padded armrests. Make sure that the cushioning on the armrests in enough to keep your arms comfortable. Secondly, the best reclining office chair will have adjustable armrests to allow you the ability to adjust them to your preferred position.

Head and Neck Support

Since you will be spending a lot of time in your recliner chair, you need to make sure that it has adequate support for your neck and head otherwise you will start to develop neck pain. Working without this support puts a strain on your neck and back.

Anti-Crush Mechanism

The best reclining chairs are built with a safety mechanism to prevent anything or anyone from being crushed under the chair. Some of the recliners have sensors while others just have a barrier that prevents anything from getting under the chair. If you are going to use the reclining office chair in a place where there are kids, pets or anything that can get under the chair, then make sure it has this important safety feature.


Depending on your style, you might want to choose an office recliner with casters or with just a swiveling base. If your recliner has casters, you can roll around from one part of your office to another without leaving the comfort of your seat. The swiveling base, on the other hand, will only allow you a 360-degree rotation while staying in the same spot. None is better than the other here really, and it is simply a question of preference.


Make sure that the reclining chair has a good material to suit your usage. If the chair is upholstered in slippery material, for example, will not have a pleasant experience with it. Some recliners even use breathable material mesh to provide aeration for your body.

In the end, the best reclining office chair should have a good combination of the above features to keep you comfortable and healthy through the workday. How you pick yours comes down to your personal design preference and other factors like price, but first, you have to make sure that the important features like lumbar support and height adjustment are available. That way you will enjoy healthier and comfortable days at work.


A Side-By-Side Look At Some Of The Best Recliners

Homelegance Swivel Reclining Chair Merax Racing Style Executive Chair Giantex Recliner Lounge Seat

Top Gamer Ergonomic Chair

Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner
Chair Dimensions 32 x 35.5 x 43  36 x 27 x 20 36 X 20 X 20 33 x 29 x 12 26.5 x 41 x 38
Footrest Dimensions 19.75 x 19 x 18 N/A 18 X 16.5 X 16 N/A N/A
Weight 60 pounds 87 pounds N/A 64 pounds 40 pounds
Capacity Over 200 pounds 225 pounds 250 pounds 300 pounds 200 pounds
Material Leather & Suede PU leather PU leather PU leather Leather
Customer Rating 4.5 4.4 4.5 3.7
Price  $$$$ $$$ $ $$ $$


Homelegance 8548BRW-1 Swivel Reclining Chair with Ottoman

Key Features:

  • 360-degree swivel
  • Knob adjusting reclining mechanism
  • Round oversize plated metal base
  • Easy-to-clean leather upholstery
  • Plush design with button tufting
  • High-quality foam padding

The Homelegance Reclining Chair is the epitome of office luxury, style, and comfort. The Homelegance line of luxurious chairs is a thing of beauty and this reclining chair and footrest set is one of their best creations yet. The Knob adjusting reclining mechanism allows you to recline at an angle of your choice while the oversize plated metal bases hold both chair and ottoman in place. It is designed with a delicate and perfect balance between style and function to give its users the much-deserved comfort in the office

Over 70% of its users have given it their full vote of approval with a 5-star review. They all agree that even though they had to pay more than other recliners would have cost it was worth it.

Our Verdict:

This reclining office chair with ottoman might be pricier than most but, with such sophistication and comfort, it is worth every penny. A combination of the easy-to-clean leather upholstery, the 360-degree swivel, the luxurious design, button tufting on the leather and the reclining mechanism make it a must-have office recliner.

The recliner and footrest set oozes elegance and style and will right away change the look and feel of your office. So, recline and relax away in this statement piece of furniture that projects sophistication and power.

Also from Homelegance:

Homelegance gives you a variety of other reclining office chairs including their Power Lift Recliner Chair, the Caius Swivel Reclining Chair or the Glider Reclining Chair all of which come with footrests.


Key Features:

  • Gaming design
  • Recline locking system
  • Ergonomic back design with lumbar support
  • Foldaway footrest
  • Durable casters and heavy duty base
  • Thick padding on armrests and headrest

The Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair comes in a futurist gaming design and is designed to maximize efficiency and comfort at the workplace. It combines a simple and sleek design to give your office an instant look of elegant and cool. This office recliner is designed with excellent lumbar support to hold your back up and minimize the impact of the long working hours. It allows you a 360-degree swirl while the sturdy base holds you in place firmly even when you are in full recline position. This, coupled with the recline locking system lets you choose a comfortable recline position when you need to give yourself a few minutes break from your computer without stepping away from your desk. The retractable footrest disappears out of site when not in use to keep your working place neat and spacious.

It comes in bright-colored options of blue, yellow, red or gray if you are looking for a calmer look. The recliner, however, does not have rocking motion.

Our Verdict

We feel that this stylish reclining office chair is worth buying. Its recline locking system allows both office users and gamers to adjust to their preferred recline position while the lumbar support keeps you in a comfortable and healthy posture.

Also from Merax:

When it comes to office chairs, Merax gives you several other options including Merax Technical Leather Big Tall Executive Recliner Napping and the Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Leather Office Chair among others.



Key Features:

  • PU leather
  • Excellent padding on chair and ottoman
  • All-black matte finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bases are leather wrapped
  • Very fair price


The entire recliner and ottoman set comes in a simple and smooth black look. Every inch of the set, including the bases of both chair and ottoman are covered in black leather. The superb padding on the chair, armrests, and footrest gives you excellent comfort whether you are sitting upright or reclining at whatever angle. It is a simple executive design that uplifts the look of an entire office without going overboard. Because of its minimalist design, this chair can be used to furnish your entire office without appearing to be too much. It is ideal for furnishing the executive floor and the boardrooms.

The chair is priced moderately and you can, therefore, buy enough without leaving a big dent in your cash flow. 64% of those who have used it agreed that it is an excellent office recliner and have given it a full 5-star review with all the rest giving it 3 or 4 stars.

Our Verdict:

At its price, this recliner is a very good bargain so feel free to give your all your valued staff that well-needed comfort. For just $100, you get a recliner and footrest set that is wrapped in calm head-to-toe black matte PU leather.

This reclining office chair is designed for those who prefer low-key but comfortable office furniture and it will make an excellent addition to your workstation or boardroom.

Also from Giantex:

Other good options here include the Giantex Executive PU Leather Seat Chair if you want the more traditional glossy leather look or the more artistic Giantex Executive Recliner Lounge Leisure Chair.


Key Features:

  • Racing video game design
  • Heavy duty chair base with universal castors
  • Adjusting headrest
  • High back design with lumbar support
  • Sturdy Metal Frame 
  • Full recline
  • High-density foam cushioning
  • High-quality PU leather

If you want to create a cool, simple and futurist office environment, then this ergonomic high back office recliner and footrest set was designed for you. The recliner has an adjustable headrest to allow you more comfort while you relax your body in reclining or sitting position. The heavy-duty base of the chair keeps it stable on the ground, allowing you to reclaim and twirl with no fear of falling. Both its base height and armrests are adjustable so it fits desks of varying heights and allows the user to adjust the height as they see fit.

Our Verdict

The high back design, adjusting headrest and lumbar support all work together to give you a healthier and comfortable sitting position while the recline mechanism allows you to fully lay back and take a break from the sitting position. The beauty of this reclining office chair from Top Gamer is in its simple yet detailed style, which blends with other design features like adjustable headrest, high-quality foam padding, back cushion and full recline to add both value and beauty to your office.



Key Features:

  • Overstuffed padded chair and ottoman
  • Knob adjusting recliner
  • Pillowtop Headrest
  • Bases are leather wrapped

The contemporary design of this ergonomic office chair from Flash Furniture will add elegance and beauty to your office. Its balance between minimalist design features and function make it a perfect pick for anyone who prefers low-key elegance in the office or at home. The chair and armrests have deep cushioning to allow you comfort while you work and the built-in pillowtop headrest gives your head a comfortable place to rest so your neck can relax. Its leather upholstery is sleek, durable and easy to clean without requiring any specialized care. The chair is wrapped in head-to-toe leather including the footrest stool, further enhancing its subtle beauty and stability.

However, some of its users have noticed that it is less sturdy than some other reclining chairs they have used.

The office recliner chair comes in a variety of colors including black, brown, cream, burgundy, and palomino, so you have your pick of a color to go with the rest of your decor.

Our Verdict:

Between the built-in headrest pillow, the thick padding, and the knob adjusting recline mechanism, this Flash Furniture recliner and ottoman set allows you to recline in your favorite position and it comes at a really fair price too. This single color leather office recliner will make an excellent addition to your office space.

Also from Flash Furniture:

When it comes to office chairs, flush furniture has a variety of designs to suit the different user styles like their Contemporary Brown Vintage Leather Recliner for someone prefers a touch of vintage style in their office or the Flash Furniture MEN Plush Leather Rocker Recline if you prefer a more traditional look. Either of these options allows you to fully recline in comfort and style.

Herman Miller Reclining Embody Chair Ancheer Ergonomic Office Chair Viva Office Reclining Office Chair

Merax High Back Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Serta Executive Office Chair
Footrest X X X
Dimensions 28 x 27 x 38.2 20.3 x 22.6 x 50.7 27.6 x 28 x 44.9 37 x 25.6 x 17.7 28.8 x 24.8 x 40.2
Weight 51 pounds 58 pounds 54 pounds 44 pounds 34.5 pounds
Capacity N/A 250 pounds 250 pounds 250 pounds 250 pounds
Material Recycled Material Mesh Leather Mesh Microfiber
Customer Rating 4.0 4.0 3.7 2.9 4.3
Price  $$$$$$$ $$ $$$ $$ $


Key Features:

  • 95% recyclable after useful life
  • 12-year warranty
  • Comes in 16 colors
  • Skin-like textile
  • Ergonomic design with lumbar support
  • Enormous health benefits

The ergonomic design f the chair distributes your body weight evenly and supports its movements. Its whole design is aimed at stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen. This keeps you more relaxed and focused, but more importantly, it keeps you healthy. It encourages you to sit in a working recline position which reduces spine compression. The reclining office chair is made with mesh material, allowing it lots of ventilation. This ensures that you stay cool and comfortable even on a hot day. By using renewable energy and recycled materials’, the manufacturer ensured that he does not just look out for your immediate comfort but for the future too by keeping the environment safe.

However, be careful when setting this chair up and make sure you adjust it to your body. Those who have already used it have cautioned that it gets very uncomfortable if it is not properly adjusted. Secondly, the chair has no padding on it so keep that in mind when making the purchase.

It comes in over a dozen tranquil colors so you have your pick to go with your office decor

Our Verdict

The chair allows you to sit comfortably or work in recline position. It improves blood and oxygen floor and reduces spinal compression. Although it costs much more that other recliners, it is worth spending the money so you can stay comfortable and healthy. Additionally, the fact that it is made with recycled materials and using renewable energy is a big plus for anyone who cares about the future of our planet

Also from Herman Miller:

Other good options you can find from this same brand include the Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair, the Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair or the Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair all made with great body support and breathable material.


Key Features:

  • Armrest, Seat, and headrest are adjustable
  • Adjustable chair height
  • In-built lumbar support
  • Waterfall front design
  • Comes in two colors, red and black
  • Plastic, metal and mesh material

The chair is designed to give you a working recline position that allows you to continue working while at a recline angle of your choice. The seat has strong polyester mesh material which allows your body excellent aeration. This way, you can still lean back against the chair even in hot weather and stay fresh and comfortable. The curved shape of this reclining office chair is designed to complement your natural body structure and support your back. Its waterfall front design ensures that minimum pressure is placed on your legs, mesh-covered deep cushioning keeps you comfortable. The chair height, seat height, and armrests are all adjustable so you can choose your preferred height to allow maximum support for your back and arms.

The chair has received good reviews from those who have used it especially owing to its excellent back support and comfort. However, a few others have had issues, especially with the headrest. Some have mentioned the headrest being low and not adjustable while others mentioned it being wobbly.

Our Verdict:

This office chair is designed to give you exceptional back support and also keep you cool and comfortable. A blend of the breathable mesh fabric, reclining working position, excellent back support makes this contemporary ergonomic high back chair an excellent choice.


Key features:

  • Bonded leather
  • High back agronomic design
  • Double thick padding
  • Thick padding
  • Adjustable chair height
  • Adjustable back angle

This full recline ergonomic office chair is designed to improve efficiency and comfort at the office. The high back with built-in lumbar support is design to promote a healthy and comfortable setting position to keep your back and whole body pain-free even on long working days. By making your body sit in the right position, the chair improves blood and oxygen flow. When you feel like taking a few minutes off your computer screen and resting your back, the full reclining chair will let you do just that.

You can raise or lower the chair to your desired height by simply standing up and pulling on the control handle or pulling it while seated on the chair, respectively. The incremental footrest gets out of the way when not in use, allowing you enough legroom.

The chair has received several good reviews with over 50% of its users giving it 5-star reviews but some were not so satisfied. Those who gave it poor reviews mainly quoted their displeasure as being because the chair was not very sturdy, that it was not very comfortable for tall people, and that the assembly instructions are confusing.

Our verdict:
We believe that this Viva Office chair makes good enough addition to your office furniture. It will keep you comfortable, efficient and healthy. Just be sure that it is right for your height and style before you make the purchase.

Also from Viva Office:

Other good alternatives from this brand include the VIVA OFFICE High Back Bonded Leather Executive Racing Style Chair and VIVA OFFICE Bonded Leather Thick Padded High Back Managerial Chair.


Key features:

  • High back
  • Adjustable back support 
  • Thick padded cushion
  • Padded armrest
  • Breathable mesh back
  • 180 degree back adjustment
  • Caster wheels

The chair reclines all the way to 180 degrees allowing you to lounge in a comfortable position if you need to take a quick break from the working sitting position. In recline position, this office recliner has excellent head support which couples with the sitting position lumbar support to keep you comfortable and healthy whether you are sitting or reclining. It has breathable back mesh to allow airflow to keep you cool while the padding keeps you comfortable.

However, several people who have used this chair have had issues with it, leading to a less than favorable overall review. Many have mentioned that the chair wobbles even after being put together carefully while others mentioned that it started wobbling and squeaking just a few months into use and tightening it did not help. Some said that it is very high and therefore not comfortable while others said that the mesh is uncomfortable and collects dust.

Our Verdict

Unlike other Merax reclining chairs, this one has not really delivered to its expectations.

Also from Merax:

Merax has some other great office chairs, which have received approval from their users Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair and the Merax Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair both of which have a racing gaming design.


Key Features:

  • Contoured lumbar support
  • Pillowed headrest 
  • Durable multi-surface dual wheel casters
  • Plush, layered body pillows
  • Waterfall seat edge

The contoured lumbar support is designed to complement the shape of your lower back and provide superb support for your body while you continue to work. Whether sitting upright or reclining the lumbar support will keep your back comfortable and safe while the cushioned headrest provides excellent neck support. The waterfall design of the seat allows you to sit for long hours without putting excessive pressure on your legs. The design of the armrests gives you a smooth and comfortable place to rest your arms. With its durable multi-surface dual wheel casters, the chair is designed to last and let you work in comfort. The wheels will move you from your desk to the file cabinet and back without getting stuck in the whatever flooring your office The tension of the recline can be adjusted to suit your preference. The chair comes in rich beige and gray colors, which will add an extra layer of elegance to your office.

So many people have used this chair and at least 800 of them have reviewed it on Amazon with over 60% giving it a full 5-star rating and many more giving it 4 stars. A few users have however complained about its durability.

Our Verdict

With its elegant design, great cushioning, and excellent lumbar support, this reclining office recliner will perfectly complement your executive office or turn your existing ordinary office into an executive one. Although they are more popularly known for making beddings, Serta makes excellent office chairs too and this one is a real steal at its price.

Also from SERTA

Other great finds from Serta include the Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair, the Serta Faux Leather Executive Chair, and the Serta Faux Leather & Mesh Executive Chair.

WHY USE OFFICE RECLINERS? – Benefits Over Traditional Office Chairs

There are several befits to using reclining chairs in the office. The one benefit that most people think about first is comfort and relaxation and frankly, many people buy recliner chairs just for this reason. However, while comfort is a very important factor, there is much more to using reclining office chairs. These chairs come with various features designed to promote a healthier body posture.

  • Back Support: When you sit down, your lower back, also known as the lumbar, supports most of your body weight. If you sit like that for prolonged hours without the necessary support for your back, you start to develop back pain. Most traditional office chairs are designed to look good without taking into account the proper support your body needs. Reclining chairs, on the other hand, are designed with the shape of the human spine in mind. The best reclining office chairs will come with good lumbar support. They are designed to complement the shape of the lower back. This way, even when you sit for many hours, your back will not feel the effect of those hours.
  • Armrests: Recliners always come with great armrests to support your arms while you work. If you use a chair that has no armrests, you are forced to slump forward, which puts pressure on your spine, causing pack pain. Secondly, when your arms are not properly supported, you strain your shoulders and neck and they too start to hurt. By making use of the armrests on office recliners, you give your arms the support they need. This way, there will be no strain on your shoulders, neck or back.
  • Adjustable Height: Office recliners are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted to suit your height and that of your table. Traditional office chairs do not have this option. If you cannot adjust the height of your chair, you are forced to keep straining your arms to reach your computer, which has several negative effects on your body. Because a reclining chair allows you to adjust its height to suit the table, you do not have to strain your body.
  • Footrests: Most reclining office chairs come with a provision to support your feet. Sitting for a long time puts pressure on your legs and hinders blood circulation. Because recliners have footrests, they provide the needed support to your legs and reduce the pressure that would have been put on your feet.
  • Neck & Head Support: Your neck and head need to be supported while you work but most traditional chairs are unable to do this. Office recliners on the other hand often come with adjustable headrests or neck pillows to support your neck and avoid straining it.
  • Relaxation: Office recliners are the best way to relax without leaving your desk. By using a recliner, you can adjust the angle at which you are seated, or even recline all the way if you need to lay your back down for a few minutes. This, coupled with all the body support the recliner gives you, leaves you more relaxed and hence more productive.


When it comes to recliners, the most comfortable chair will be one that has a footrest. Some recliners will, however, come without footrests and while the user of such office chairs will get the other benefits of using a reclining office chair, they will miss out on some of those benefits. The idea behind designing a reclining office chair with footrest is to provide the user a place to put their feet up whenever they need to.

The footrest might come as a separate stool, also called an ottoman, or it might come attached to the chair to be folded away when not in use. Using the footrest had has health befits as seen below.

Using a footrest reduces the pressure that sitting positions on your feet. By lifting your feet off the ground, the ottoman reduces the pressure on them and even improves blood flow. This leaves you more relaxed and ready to continue with the demands of your office life.

Footrests also improve your overall sitting posture and reduce the strain the sitting position puts on your back and on your knees. By elevating your feet you push your body backward into a position that is encouraged for better spinal health.

Some footrests can even be adjusted to suit your preferred elevation. This way you can always change their height when you feel like doing do, thereby keeping your body more active.

Using a footrest helps you achieve a more active and more suitable sitting position, which helps not just your feet but your entire body. Therefore, whenever you can, be sure to use a reclining office chair with a footrest so you can stay more relaxed, more efficient and healthier.


As we have seen above, office recliners are an important part of any modern office. They come in several designs to accommodate the style preferences of users but they all share some great features that make them excellent additions to your office furniture.

Office recliners have huge health benefits as seen above, they also improve efficiency and relaxation and enhance the look and feel of your office. They make excellent additions to any office and will immediately change your station into an executive working area while keeping you relaxed and healthy.

Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive information on whatever items you are searching for. We hope that the facts we have shared above and the review of some of the best recliners on the market will help you in your search for the best reclining office chair.

If you feel that we have left something out, or you have a question, or just wish to share your experience with office recliners, feel free to leave us a comment below.